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For instance by using the waste we produce, in designing new objects. An embroidered napkin, a table runner that is simultaneously a ‘photograph’ on textile, or one that has been processed with pigments from onion peels, avocado pits or pomegranate skins. It’s also possible to make a custom-made design for dinner parties with a special theme, like in the earlier projects Boter bij de Vis and The Fat Pony. These designs invite us to a deeper experience of the things on our plate, but also those next to our plate, and underneath..

The waste we create can also be used to shape new objects. Think of an embroidered napkin, or a tablecloth that is at the same time a 'photo' on textiles, with dye made from onion peels, avocado seeds or pomegranate skins.


It is also possible to make an applied design for dinners with a special theme, as happened earlier for Boter bij de Vis and the project The Fat Pony. These designs invite a deeper experience of what is on our plate, but also what is next to it, and underneath.

Stella Toonen
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