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Lamp and crockery

Restaurant setup

Table hurdles


Dead pony




A current horse meat restaurant during Dutch Design Week 2016.

Who knows exactly what he eats these days? Due to the massive scale of food production, it is difficult to trace. A climax was reached with the 'horse meat scandal'. Horse meat turned out to have been secretly processed without it being mentioned on the packaging. Now horse has become a subversive piece of meat. Is that right?

If you want to eat consciously, you can eat horse very well. It is lean meat, rich in iron and other minerals. Moreover, no horses are bred for slaughter in the Netherlands. And a horse that is not eaten will end up in the destructor. During the Dutch Design Week 2015, the 70% Bar opened its doors for the first time with a restaurant where overconsumption was put to the test. 2016 is the year of The Fat Pony and the emphasis is not on the quantity, but on the quality of our food.

For The Fat Pony, the 70% Bar works together with third-year students from the Fontys Academy for Art, Communication & Design Tilburg. Joint research has been done into the combination 'horse' + 'restaurant'. Fieldwork was literally carried out between the ponies in the meadow, but also in the butcher's shop when boning a horse. We also attended workshops by design studio Catalogtree, chef Tom Buiting and theater director Lisah Baert. All this comes together in horse meat restaurant The Fat Pony.

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