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None of us can escape it: death. And even though rituals can contribute to processing grief, we don’t have many of them outside of the context of religion. Everyone mourns in their own way. Would it be possible to envision rituals for everyone, even if you’re not a believer?


We live in a fast world. Oftentimes, the evening meal is one of the few moments in which we really have time and attention for each other. To make this experience more meaningful, it would be beautiful to handle the products that we use with more care.

Stella Toont was set up by me, Stella Toonen. I am a young, playful designer with a strong focus on textiles. In my studio in Amsterdam East I incubate concepts, get lost in line structures, conduct experiments and look for surprising color combinations. I respond to current situations in the world, in a way that is close to myself.


All children are artists. But how do we remain artists when growing up? This fair question, once asked by Picasso, fits well into Stella’s graduation project ‘Mudder Up’.

Stella Toonen
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Instagram: stella.toont

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