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All children are artists. But how do we remain artists when growing up? This fair question, once asked by Picasso, fits well into Stella’s graduation project ‘Mudder Up’.

Playing outside, painting, dancing, experimenting, playing with others and making contact with who you really are. Isn’t that what every child, every human being, craves the most? These days, children come into contact with screens at a very young age, and the world they thereby enter is always made by someone els, despite their own rich imagination. Mudder Up’s device: mess around more!

This design consists of a variety of tools for kids to do so. Dressed in paint-proof overalls, they can do anything they want with a very big canvas. Play and coincidence are important principles. This canvas will subsequently serve as a source of textile for child’s clothing, the profits of which will flow into new workshops. A fully circular project.

Stella Toonen
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